Thursday, 1 December 2011

NaNoWriMo - so good I did it twice...

So, confession time!

Triumvirate was rocking along nicely and I hit 50k on the 12th November. Awesome, NaNoWriMo winner status secured. A few more chapters to write before the first draft would be tied up, of course, but it was shaping up nicely.


On the night of the 13th, a dream of a glowering captain and a soaring airship relentlessly assaulted my mind, pushing aside all thoughts of Triumvirate. The Falcon's Chase was born and there was nothing to do but throw myself into its creation; and, after all, it was still November, wasn't it?

A wicked little voice in the back of my mind urged me to set aside all else and go for it - and here we have it. December 1st today, and I woke up to TWO 50k first drafts sat resplendent upon my desktop.


Looks like I have a pile of editing ahead even greater than the mountain of ironing that's stacked up over the last month...


  1. Awesome! I wish I had the discipline to get two novels down. I mean my word count meant I was certainly on the way (83k) but I still haven't finished the piece yet; it needs a few more chapters to round it off.
    Ho hum... if I don't get too distracted submitting for Sirens Call Publications (yey!) I'll go back and round that monster off. It deserves it.